VIP Bundle pack: $99.99 for the 3 pack bundle ( 1 hydrate + 1 clean + 1 control)

Performance Enhancer

Work Out and Play Longer with Standard Bioscience!

These unique and custom formulas were created by Dr. Aaries T. Oda, DC with a background in Nuclear Engineering.



"I have a hard time not snacking at nights, it's my biggest weakness, however when I use Control, has completely lost my appetite at night."
I used Hydrate and it immediately gave me more energy before my workout. I highly recommend it


Formulated to let you work out harder and play longer, performance enhancer by letting your body absorb water. 

Increase energy and hydration, less muscle fatigue, faster recovery time. 

Twice a day, Dr Aaries T. Oda, DC likes to drink 1 scoop with 36 oz with water and ice. 



Are you a Snacker? Control your urges, stress eating, and Snacking. Appetite Suppressant long lasting without caffeine. Really works and easy to take, Only 2 capsules a day


Cleans our your Gastrointestinal system from years of abuse, eating bad foods. When eating junk foods, this leaves a residue build up along the walls of you colon, year after year.  Clean will remove that build up like a old drain pipe back to a new drain pipe, you body will be able to hydrate and absorb nutrients easier. Only 2 capsules a day.